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This got my attention. Very colorful and the contrast is used well to pull people in. The graphic drives home the point of the words - ...


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Do you like dragons in space and dinosaurs in hats?

We'll get along just fine.


I have been sitting on this guys concept for ages trying to put him together just right and pick a goddamn good name for him. I remembered quite a while ago that my childhood Digimon had gone from gecko to frilled lizard to dimetrodon to spinosaurus. The names were ever so creative - Gekimon, Frillmon, Dimetromon - but heaven help me if I was going with "spinosaurusmon" or "spinomon" or whatever the hell else you could come up with by shoving the suffix "mon" onto spinosaurus. So I dug around and spinosaurus has a lot of cousins, but like zero with the big distinctive spine, and "ostafrikamon" and "irritatamon" don't have the ring I was going for. Like, at all. So I went with the superfamily of megalosaurus and added the "ad" to kind of tie it into Megalodon, the bigass shark since I was working with trying to make him look sharklike. Considered giving him a shark tail like I did with Dimetromon but that felt like overkill.

But Digimon stats:
Mega Level
Virus Attribute
Undetermined Type (water? earth? fire? I don't even know, can't decide)
Save or Die - Blue Dragon
So a week or so ago my party in a Pathfinder game got wiped by a bunch of shocker lizards. RIP Alizarin and her cousin Charade. Anyway, after being killed by them I remembered how adorable they are (they're one of my favorite monsters, so cute and so deadly~) so I've been on an electricty kick recently. Thinking I might do Copper next, I think they're my favorite Metallic dragon.

Anyway, Redbubble has expanded their product selection. I'm going to have to update some old pieces so everything is available on em. Lemme know if you have a mighty need for anything.
That being said, this guy is on everything I could make look halfway nice - leggings were a no go.…
this is what realizing I have ten million rendered but unused fractals laying around feels like.

Wallpaper sized at 3262x2400
I made a ton of fractals a while back. They're all coming out now.

Wallpaper sized at 3200x2355


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i like the owl with letters as wings i wonder can you do one for me
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